Unit 24 Photographic Studio Techniques

Main project My Proposal Inspired by Alberto Sevesos fantastic ink photography, I am planning to use ink in water, as its looks amazing and abstract. In order to make the shoot more appealing and interesting I decided to add a fruit connected with the same colour of the ink, for example a lemon with a yellow coloured ink. Using a stick to get the fruit … Continue reading Unit 24 Photographic Studio Techniques

Unit 3

Ideas and concepts in Art & Design For the Major project we were asked to choose 2 artworks and decide whether to interpret, subvert or deconstruct the chosen work. My first chosen art work is “combing hair” by Edgar Degas. Hillarie Germain Edgar Degas was born on the 19th of July 1834-1917). He was a French artist known for his famous paintings, sculptures, prints and … Continue reading Unit 3

Surrealism Task

Surrealism After completing some research about surrealism and researching the following photographers Herbert Bayer and Eugene Atget we worked as a group in order to create a surrealist image. As a group discussing our dreams together, we discovered that our dreams have something in common, the fear of the unknown/future. We decided to include water, because of my dream and how powerful and strong the … Continue reading Surrealism Task

Task 2 Photomontage

After completing some research about the following photographers John Heartfield and visiting Peter Kennard exhibition I decided to create my own photomontage. It took me a long time to decide what to create for my own photomontage, inspired by Peter Kennard’s amazing exhibition at the imperial war Museum, I decided to do some further research on the web. I found the sculptor photomontage interesting as a … Continue reading Task 2 Photomontage

Digital Pictorialist Project

Completing some research about the pictorialist movement and the following photographers Alice Boughton and Gertrude Kasebier, I decided to recreate the images captured by those amazing photographers. The following are the final image recreated by me after the progress of editing the images in both ACR and Photoshop: Reference Image1 Gertrude Kasebier Image2  Alice Boughton   Continue reading Digital Pictorialist Project

Mini Assignment 1: Pasta or Muffin

This assignment is about organising a shoot, preparing a dish, using the techniques achieved during the course, creating a series of 6 photos in total, consisting of the following: 1 photo showing all the ingredients (avoid labels) 4 photos showing the process 1 photo showing the finished plated dish the written recipe I choose to cook a pasta dish and I enjoyed it as I … Continue reading Mini Assignment 1: Pasta or Muffin